Thursday, August 25, 2016

Essay Writing Services: How Do We Know If They’re Good Or Bad?

You’re stuck with a few urgent tasks to write, all on subjects you have no idea how to approach. You remember you heard once from a friend that they got an A on a paper they ordered online. “Isn’t it plagiarized if you take it from the Internet?” you ask. “No, because it wasn’t posted anywhere. The writer made it specifically for me,” they answer. You suddenly become hopeful and go on the Internet. Typing “essay writing service” on the search engine, you hit enter… and stare confused at the screen. There are so many, how do I know which one can help me? Well, here is a little guide for you, with service examples.
1. Essay Thinker: How Do They Cope? has the goal of providing writing services for any person on the Internet in need of an essay. Now, here’s what we liked about this one: while most of the services approach topics such as history, literature or any other research paper that has to do with humanities, this company tackles more difficult subjects such as math or science. When you look through the testimonials on their website and customer reviews on other review websites, you will see proof that they actually know what they are doing. Plus, the prices are the average of the industry, which is why we believe investing in an essay here will be good for you in the long run. So far, the rating for this website rises at “superior.” 
2. EssayHave: Like or Dislike?

Let’s start with a positive light on this essay writing service. First of all, they offer everything from school work, admission essays and college writing to editing, proofreading, and CV services. Prices are average, starting at $10/page (depending on the level), so it can go easy on your pocket. However, here’s the kicker: if you want a native writer, you will need to pay extra. Therefore, a normal package is written by a non-native. Many of the customers complained of grammar mistakes in their text, which made them too embarrassed to turn in their paper. Some liked what they got… but some didn’t. Apparently, this service is a gamble, and while it is not fraud or scam, there is certainly room for improvement.
3.    EssayShark: Ripping In or Ripping Out?
We all care about where our money goes, which is why we want to ensure that we at least get our money’s worth. With this company, it’s a little bit more complicated, because there is no exact pricing system. You negotiate with the writer, and if you can get a good price, then good for you. If your negotiating skills are, however, rusty, you may find yourself paying double the price for a writer who isn’t exactly knowledgeable in the field. There is also the risk that your paper will be written by a non-native since many customers complained of bad grammar and spelling mistakes. The price is negotiable, so there are no discounts, coupon codes or even a promo code available.
You need to check the rating for each writing service first, before ordering from them. You need to make sure that the website is not fraud or scam, and that the payment method is secure. So far, EssayThinker is the one we can recommend most out of this list; the others, while effective, pose a certain risk, quality-wise or price-wise. Not to mention that when it came to answering questions, EssayThinker was the only one that actually tried to give us an answer. When we asked EssayShark, for instance, about a product, they would only ask us to contact the writer.